Protect Assets.
Protect Reputation.

HYDN Prevent is the only Real-Time Fraud Prevention product for Dapps. Sign up to be a launch partner now.

-  Stop blockchain attacks before they happen
-  Launches Q2 2023
-  Five minute implementation
-  Free trial period for Launch Partners

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Protect Assets

With over $3 billion worth of hacks in 2022, fraud on the blockchain has reached epidemic proportions. HYDN Prevent stops attacks before they happen ensuring assets remain secure. No matter how secure you think your code is, all it takes is one mistake and you are REKT.

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Protect Reputation

Projects are suffering irreparable reputational damage following security breaches making it almost impossible to ever rebuild user trust and sentiment. Make hacks a thing of the past with HYDN Prevent giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best.

About HYDN Prevent

How it works

HYDN Prevent is our real-time fraud prevention product for the blockchain. Our solution reviews every transaction that interacts with your DApp's smart contracts, identifying and informing you of malicious ones, and allowing your DApp to decide whether to accept or reject the transaction.

HYDN Prevent boasts a comprehensive suite of detectors covering an extensive array of common attack vectors such as Reentrancy Attacks, Oracle Manipulation, Phishing Attempts, Contract Impersonation, Role Changes, and more. It is capable of detecting and thwarting almost all attacks in real-time, potentially saving your DApp millions.

HYDN is monitoring the blockchain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Years cybsecurity, blockchain, and payment security experience




Chains monitored

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Prevent Fraud

Detects, Monitors, Alerts, and Executes Real-Time Fraud Prevention to keep your Dapp secure

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Advanced Protection

Our detection engines are constantly evolving, analysing thousands of transactions every day to reduce false positives

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Complete Security

Combining machine learning, rules, and graph networks to stop even the most sophisticated attacks

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Real-Time Anaylsis

We simulate transactions to deliver automated decisions in milliseconds without impacting your user journey

Prevent Fraud

Instantly detect fraudulent behaviour rejecting bad transactions without impacting good transactions

AI Protection

Our detection engines are constantly evolving, analyzing thousands of transactions every day

Complete Security

Combining AI, machine learning, rules, and graph networks to stop even the most sophisticated attacks

Real-Time Analysis

We simulate transactions to deliver automated decisions in milliseconds without impacting your user journey

HYDN Prevent - Monitoring Use Case

HYDN rescued more than $600k for SushiSwap in 2023

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Real-time HYDN Prevent monitoring identified critical vulnerability

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HYDN first to identify and alert SushiSwap

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HYDN assisted SushiSwap with fund recovery and returning funds to affected users

HYDN AND SUSHI SWAP rescued 600k


Want to know something about HYDN Prevent that isn't covered here? Send us your question and our team will be happy to assist.

How does HYDN Prevent work?

HYDN Prevent simulates every transaction that interacts with your companies smart contracts and blocks malicious ones from executing, helping to keep your assets and reputation secure.

How easy is HYDN Prevent to implement?

We've made implementing HYDN Prevent as simple as possible with a quick and easy 5-minute integration.

What sort of attacks can HYDN Prevent stop?

HYDN Prevent can stop a huge range of attacks and our detection engines are constantly learning and evolving. At launch, we are using over 100 detectors covering a range of common attack vectors such as reentrancy attacks, phishing attempts, contract impersonation, oracle manipulation, and more.

Is Blockchain Fraud Prevention similar to eCommerce Fraud Prevention?

Yes, the service is similar to payment fraud prevention in eCommerce. In both cases, the goal is to protect users' assets and prevent financial losses due to fraudulent activities by assessing the nature of incoming transactions and preventing unwanted transactions from taking place. 

Like eCommerce, fraud prevention services must allow good transactions to complete rapidly, and keep false positives to a bare minimum while blocking fraudulent transactions targeted at stealing company assets.

What regulatory benefits are there from implementing a real-time fraud prevention on my Dapp?

Improved transparency: Proactively addressing fraud and security concerns may increase the transparency of your platform, which can be an essential factor for some regulators when evaluating the compliance of your platform.

Enhanced trust: Implementing a transaction fraud prevention API can boost the confidence of regulators and users in your platform's security and integrity, which can ultimately have positive implications for compliance.

Compliance with evolving regulations: As the DeFi sector grows and matures, regulatory frameworks are expected to evolve. By implementing fraud prevention measures, you can demonstrate to regulators that you are committed to maintaining a secure and compliant platform, which may help you adapt more easily to future regulatory changes.

How much does it cost?

For HYDN Prevent pricing please contact us at or by filling out our Contact Form.

Stop hacks before they happen...

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