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HYDN specialise in Smart Contract Audits, Web3 Penetration Testing, Tokenomics, and GameFi Consultancy

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Our services

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Smart Contract Audits

HYDN provide in-depth audits of projects smart contracts which evaluate for safety, functionality, protection, and utility. Clients are provided user-centric audits as well as contract functionality assessments.

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Penetration Testing

With HYDN's Web3 pen testing services you will discover how attackers could potentially exploit vulnerabilities with your project and get expert guidance on how to stop them.

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HYDN Seekers

HYDN Seekers is our outreach and community service tool alerting blockchain projects to vulnerabilities found by our Blockchain Secure tool.

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GameFi Consultancy

HYDN provide business strategy covering ideation, design, and validation for GameFi projects including tokenomics, smart contract security, tokenization, NFT integration, chain selection, and more.

Our mission is to ensure the blockchain supports secure business operations for all. I have built the team at HYDN from the ground up to meet this very personal objective.
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Warren Mercer
Founder & CEO
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Warren is a world renowned cybersecurity and blockchain expert, having previously held senior roles at NYSE, Cisco, and Alert Logic. Warren has been a guest speaker at cybersecurity conferences all over the globe, including giving talks on Bitcoin at Microsoft DCC, NorthSec, Kaspersky SAS, VB, and many more.

Having been involved in cryptocurrency for over 10 years, Warren is dedicated to making the blockchain ecosystem as secure as it can be for everyone. Warren serves as the CEO for HYDN and heads up the delivery team to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standard.
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