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HYDN works with companies driven by green initiatives, social change, and revolutionary technology to build impactful solutions for a brighter future.

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Our Expertise

HYDN is a multi-disciplinary business that can deliver services, systems and optimization across multiple verticals. From supporting early stage startups to grow, through to supporting Enterprise businesses securely meet their objectives HYDN's customer base stretches from small to multi billion dollar organizations.


HYDN bring over 40 years combined cybersecurity experience to the table and offer services including Adversarial Simulation, Red Teaming, Incident Response, Malware Triage, Digital Forensics, Network Monitoring & Alerting, and Secure Network Design.


HYDN offer industry leading Smart Contract Audits and Web3 Penetration Testing for EVM compatible blockchains. Alongside this, HYDN also offer Consulting, Concept, Business Modelling, Validation, and Technical Design for blockchain projects.


HYDN specialise in development services for companies focused on making a positive change, whether this be green initiatives or social uplift, HYDN is on hand to provide development services for both traditional and blockchain projects.

HYDN is empowering a sustainable and equitable future by protecting our clients against evolving threats, ensuring secure and trustworthy operations for innovators dedicated to positive global change.

Featured Services

Smart Contract Audits

HYDN provide in-depth audits of projects smart contracts which evaluate for safety, functionality, protection, and utility. Clients are provided user-centric audits as well as contract functionality assessments.

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Advanced Adversarial Simulation

HYDN’s Red Team simulates internal attacks to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and test, measure and improve your team's risk detection and incident response.

Web3 Penetration Testing

With HYDN's Web3 Pen Testing services you will discover how attackers could potentially exploit vulnerabilities with your project and get expert guidance on how to stop them.

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