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HYDN provide in-depth manual Smart Contract Audits for EVM compatible chains.

Limited availability in May and June.

Currently Auditing: Decubate, Azuro...

Trusted by industry leaders including:

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Blockchain security you can trust

HYDN is an industry leading Smart Contract Audit firm which has extensive experience working with a multitude of blockchain projects to help them get the most out of their release.

Experienced Team

HYDN's team are CISSP, CCNP, GCIH, GREM, and GNFA certified and have worked uncovering some of the biggest cybersecurity hacks in history including the Olympic Destroyer hack in 2018.

CTF Champions

HYDN was the winners of the EthernautDAO CTF Hacking Challenge 2022 hacking the smart contracts twice in under 5 minutes. HYDN's Lead Auditor also placed as the highest solo competitor in the Paradigm CTF 2023.
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HYDN vs Other Smart Contract Auditors

Why you should choose HYDN if you're serious about security...

Most audit companies don't take the time to get a proper understanding of what you are trying to achieve, they simply operate on high volumes with rapid, often automated, delivery.

Here at HYDN we first gather a deep understanding of what your project is trying to achieve and then we can ideate potential attack vectors and test them properly.

By operating this way, HYDN is able to truly test your code for vulnerabilities.


  • Detailed manual audits that uncover more vulnerabilities
  • Deep understanding of your project to run proper vulnerability checks
  • Hands on personal service

Other Auditors

  • Rely heavily on automated tools
  • No consideration of project goals so only test for general attack vectors
  • Poor quality service

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