Advanced Adversarial Simulation

How would your team react if a hacker gained access to your internal systems?

HYDN's Red Team simulates internal attacks to identify vulnerabilities and test, measure and improve your team's risk detection and incident response.

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What Is Advanced Adversarial Simulation?

The landscape of threats against businesses has evolved; Advanced Persistent Threats attackers or APTs, such as Lazarus Group, are increasingly targeting both traditional and Web3 businesses. APT attacks are meticulously crafted to access financial assets or confidential information during a long-term compromise that could span months, or even years.

HYDN's Advanced Adversarial Simulation service enables you to simulate a tailored attack aimed at circumventing traditional network controls. HYDN's team uses the same tactics, tools, techniques and mindsets as attackers such as Lazarus Group to uncover weaknesses and help you fix vulnerabilities. With HYDN, you can stay ahead of attackers and protect you and your customers valuable data.

HYDN use stealth and evasion techniques to compromise your organization and achieve predetermined goals. After the simulation, our red team will provide a full debrief including an explanation of the processes used, along with recommendations to close gaps.

APT attacks on the rise...

Five Lazarus Group Web3 Attacks in 104 Days in 2023

Lazarus Group has a history of targeting Web3 businesses including their hugely lucrative attack on the Ronin Network for $540m in March 2022.

They have continued to target Web3 businesses, carrying out the following attacks in just 104 days.

$100m attack on Atomic Wallet
$60m attack on Alphapo
$54m attack on CoinEx
$43m attack on
$37m attack on CoinsPad
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Why You Need HYDN's Advanced Adversarial Simulation Tests

How would your team react if a hacker gained access to your internal systems? HYDN’s Red Team simulates internal attacks to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and test, measure and improve your team's risk detection and incident response.

HYDN's Adversarial Attack Simulation methodology is crafted for authenticity, realism, and practicality, combining technical prowess with a consultative approach to align with your needs. By integrating into an organisation's security tech stack, HYDN’s simulation aids in detailed analyses of successful vs blocked attacks, enhances visibility into the effectiveness of defensive controls and security monitoring programs, and aids in creating a data-driven framework for risk prioritisation and remediation strategies.


Identify and remediate gaps in your security measures and monitoring programs.


Assessment of your security defenses, coupled with providing a detailed strategy to mitigate risk from attacks.


Validate the efficacy of security programs, tools, and controls in countering industry-specific attacker techniques.


Improve your security monitoring and detection capabilities with feedback and remediation advice from HYDN.

Reduce Risk

Identify and track your organisation's attack surface available to attackers, helping to reduce exposure to harmful threat actors.


HYDN’s Red Team is made up of highly experienced specialists with over 40 years of experience working to stop Advanced Persistent Threat groups such as Lazarus Group, Kasablanka Group, MuddyWater, and more.

HYDN Advanced Adversarial Simulation Tests

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