Web3 Penetration Testing

HYDN provide industry leading Web3 pen testing services to identify potential exploits and vulnerabilities and ensure secure Web3 integration

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Pen Testing Services

Web Applications

Security assessment of web application systems to ensure that vulnerabilities are avoided

Mobile Applications

In-depth security assessment of mobile application systems to protect against potential hackers

Network Testing

Dynamic testing of both network and applications to uncover the most complex vulnerabilities

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Secure your project with HYDN...

HYDN's Web3 Penetration Testing services can uncover even the smallest vulnerabilities by utilising the extensive security knowledge of our ethical hackers in combination with automated tooling to identify vulnerabilities at both an application and informational level.

Our Web3 Penetration Testing adds an extra layer of security beyond a Smart Contract Audit. Whilst an audit is a great way of ensuring that your code isn't vulnerable, many projects overlook other vectors of attack such as DNS, poor password configuration, frontend third party script injection, or social media usurpation. A Web3 penetration test from HYDN helps to identify and protect against potential attacks such as these.

We offer highly competitive penetration testing rates to ensure blockchain companies of all sizes can protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

Our penetration testing process...

Our methodology for Penetration Testing is based on our extensive industry experience, best practices in the area of information security, international methodologies, and global methodologies such as PTES and OWASP.

The scope is dependent upon the individual project, but usually includes:

▪ Intelligence gathering activities against the target
▪ Service detection and identification
▪ Vulnerability detection, verification, and analysis
▪ Exploitation of vulnerabilities
▪ Providing detailed remediation advice aimed to address found security weaknesses

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How it works

HYDN will start the penetration testing on the date agreed with the client during the quotation process


Get a quote

You submit the required documentation, share access to the codebase, and get an estimation of the process scope, timeline, and price.


Penetration testing

Our team of experts will carry out the penetration testing and then produce a report detailing found vulnerabilities and our recommended fixes.


Remediation check

Each HYDN Penetration Test includes one free round of remediation checks. This is where our team will check your fixes and confirm them.


Certification and further testing

We will issue you with a final penetration testing report detailing the fixes made. HYDN recommend to carry out regular pen tests.

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