Introducing HYDN Seal

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Introducing HYDN Seal

With hacks and exploits on the rise, security on the blockchain has never been more important. Since starting HYDN, we’ve seen a huge prevalence of distrust and security issues even within the Smart Contract Audit space. This can come in many forms, whether that is projects lying about having been audited by a specific firm, or untrustworthy, poor-quality auditors out to make a quick buck in a bull market.

Here at HYDN, we are on a mission to ensure that the blockchain supports secure business operations for all and that is why we have created HYDN Seal.

What is HYDN Seal?

Upon successful completion of a Smart Contract Audit, HYDN provides projects access to their HYDN Seal. Each HYDN Seal is an ERC-1155 token. The token contains key metadata about the completed audit, including the hash of the contract bytecode, date, and link to the report. All of this information is publicly available on the blockchain.

Project owners can show users that HYDN has audited their Smart Contracts by displaying their personal HYDN Seal on their site. HYDN also offer a range of HYDN Seal styles to suit the branding of the project.

Provable Security

As each HYDN Seal is stored on-chain, you can prove to users that all contracts have been audited, and users have an easy way to check which contracts have been audited and importantly, when.

Users often do not trust Audit badges not only because they can be copy pasted but also because the Audits may be months or even years out of date. The HYDN Seal displays the Audited Date on the NFT so customers know when the contracts were last audited and if they have been modified since the audit.

Key Benefits of HYDN Seal

  • Build trust for protocol users
  • All audit data stored on-chain for 100% transparency
  • Anyone can query the smart contract to check the validity
  • Users can easily see when the audit was carried out and if the contracts have since been modified

HYDN Smart Contract Audits

HYDN brings a Tier 1 Smart Contract Audit delivery experience to the blockchain space. We work across multiple verticals in Crypto including Exchanges, NFTs, Tokens, DeFi Protocols, Play-to-Earn Gaming Platforms, Launchpads, and more.

HYDN’s team has over 30 years' worth of cybersecurity and blockchain experience including previous roles at NYSE, Cisco, BT, Alert Logic, and more.

Each contract is automatically tested to uncover any known or common exploits before we manually review each line of code. HYDN provides user-centric focused reports with clearly defined issues and remediation advice. Each audit includes up to 3 remediation cycles.

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